"Tony Duncan, a five-time World Champion Hoop Dancer and performing artist is a star in his own right."

-Indian Country Today Media Network

"Some Native American flutist possess playfullness while other lean heavily into the ethereal realm and others provoke healing tears to flow. Duncan combines all of those qualities in his playing, which if it was a wine, we would also call it full bodies and robust."

​-The Whole Music Experience 

"Tony is a master of his instrument and of his compositions... They never fail to captivate the listener with an exciting story. Duncan's musical stories and prayers are innately full of color, detail and reverence."

-Zone Music Reporter 

"As he honors the past, present, and future...

Duncan’s music evokes nature and life in delightful ways."

-Spirtuality and Health Magazine

 Experience the rich culture of Native America through the songs, stories, and dances of Tony Duncan Productions. We dance to the four directions to share the stories of our ancestors. We sing songs of celebration as we honor the strength and beauty of our indigenous brothers and sisters. We gather around our elders and listen to the stories passed down from generation to generation.

Filled with knowledge and wisdom; these stories of creation, warriors, and tricksters have captivated audiences far and wide. As we listen to the calling wind we hear the melodies of the Native American flute. Songs of courtship, meditation and healing are heard deep in the canyons of the Southwest.

All of life dances in a sacred circle as a season gives way to the next.

We sing, we dance and we celebrate this journey called Life